As a health care professional and mom, I wanted something for easy, sustained nutrition for myself while working, playing, something my daughter could eat, something I could recommend to athletes and kids trying to get simple, quick nutrition that wouldn’t spike insulin levels (and thus lead to a “crash”).  I tried everything.  My office manager and friend were in the same to sustain energy as a new mom, get a quick “meal” in, and satisfy hunger and taste.  We tried literally every easy bar/granola/mix on the market, and finally decided to create our own.

We bring you Love Bites, because WE want great tasting food that is simple, organic, great for the brain, body, super for kids, moms, athletes, and is not loaded with sugar fillers and carbohydrates in the way of fruits and other inexpensive ingredients most companies use to keep costs low.  We wanted quality.  We wanted health.  We wanted ease.  We wanted delicious.  And everyone that had one loved them….so…we bring you Love Bites…from our hearts and hands to yours..